Flow is a new smart contract-oriented blockchain currently in development by Dapper Labs. It seeks to solve the scalability problem by introducing node specialization, without sacrificing decentralization and security.
A developer-friendly approach is one of Flow’s guiding principles. Built-in smart contract upgradability looks to make programmer’s life easier while still preserving the trust-free nature of decentralized blockchains. Secondly, Flow boasts a comparatively low time between submitting a transaction and it being recorded with certainty on the blockchain (finality). Lastly, built-in logging support makes smart contract auditing easier, without storing too much relevant data on the blockchain itself.


Flow uses Cadence:
  • Inspired by Rust, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript, and Solidity
  • Resource-oriented (learn more)
  • Statically typed
For more on Cadence, see documentation.

For who?

For developers willing to experiment in a relatively new environment in return for many innovative and useful features.
To learn more about developing on Flow, see documentation.\