Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Many blockchains will not run on Windows due to platform specific applications. However you can utilize WSL in order to match the platform and still run natively on Windows

WSL Setup

Install WSL using the Microsoft store.
**Alternatively **you can follow the steps below to setup a secondary WSL installation

Download Image Linux Distribution Image

Import WSL Instance

wsl --import <DistributionName> <InstallLocation> <FileName>.wsl.rootfs.tar.gz

Launch WSL Instance

wsl -d ubuntu2010

Preparing Linux Installation

The following commands will **create a new user **and set the default shell to bash. Next you'll set a password for this user account and assign that user the **ability to run sudo commands **for elevated permissions
useradd -s /bin/bash -m username
passwd username
usermod -aG sudo username
Exit WSL instance, terminate and re-login using the non root account
wsl -t ubuntu2010
wsl -d ubuntu2010 —user username
Install build essentials. C++ make and build tools. Required for node-gyp building of node.js binaries. Specifically sharp
sudo apt install build-essential

Installing Software

DappStarter utilizes a **node.js **runtime and will need to be pre-installed.

Install Node Version Manager (NVM)

curl -o- | bash
It's often necessary to reset the shell to access new environment variables.
source ~/.bashrc

Install Node 14

nvm install 14

Install Yarn

npm install -g yarn
Node 16 has build errors issues with compiling sharp module from source

Remove WSL Instance

wsl --unregister ubuntu2010