DappStarter CLI

Build full-stack blockchain applications with DappStarter directly from your terminal.

Download DappStarter CLI

Install the CLI using npm install -g @decentology/dappstarter
You can go to releases to pull the latest binary compiled version and add installation location to your system's PATH.

Using DappStarter CLI

Basic usage

dappstarter create

Save configuration only

dappstarter create -w config.json

Create from configuration

dappstarter create -c config.json


Usage: dappstarter create [options]
-c, --config <file> Loads configuration from file and processes.
-o, --output <path> Output directory. If omitted current directory will be used.
-w, --write-config [path] Writes configuration to file without processing.
-p, --print-config Echos configuration to terminal without processing.
-h, --help display help for command